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It's snowing. Go running together.

snow can not be an excuse for reducing our fitness activities, but weather factors do have a great impact on our running. Now let's learn how to run together with Xiaobian. Let's keep exercising in the winter!
5 tips for running on
snow day

1, spend more time to warm up

very fast rhythm training will require more energy consumption, but in winter, especially in snowy days, the body temperature will increase slowly. So before exercise, you need to ensure a full warm up and wake up the muscles.

if you choose to run in the winter morning, the best way to warm up is to take a hot bath before running or do some warm-up exercises in the room. So you don't feel the sharp meaning when you go out and exercise. In addition to the outdoor exercise, the first 10 minutes of exercise intensity should not be too big, slowly run a little better.

2, get traction
with some equipment
running shoes, clothing compression equipment is not so simple, snow running and dedicated snow traction equipment to help you reduce the chance of slipping, improve your stride.

usually it is very difficult for us to perceive the importance of anti-skid equipment, but when we went to the wet place, our body will unconsciously tense muscles, will be absorbed in the coordination of the body, this will make our muscle aches obvious, especially the inner thighs. At this time, these tractive devices can make your body more stable and make our body more relaxed in a wet and slippery place.

3, try to run in the daytime

in the daytime running it is very easy to understand, when the winter day long black, plus snow led to the "snowblindness baobuqi", which hit the driver will dazzle running you, but you can also see the day where more and more slippery wet.

so winter is suitable for daytime running, and you can find a path with fewer people, fewer cars, and no obstacles. If you have to choose the night run for work or other reasons, you should at least choose to run where the lights are clear, the traffic is convenient, and the home is not far away.

winter is suitable for daytime running, and you can find a path with fewer people, fewer cars, and no obstacles,

4, do not run too fast

it's not the ability to run fast on snowy days. It's the ability of you to control your own speed in a snowy day. Shorten your stride, lower your center of gravity, before the familiar snowy environment, you first take it easy to run, speed is behind the thing.

of course, running in the freshly fallen snow, running much more than snow, after all the soft snow will make you get more traction. In the same way, running on snowy days must choose a safe, familiar route that can not only help you improve your running.In October
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